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Ironsight Review

Just recently, a few of my mates and I were talking about how good Call of Duty was back in the day, and how we wish we could just go back to play some Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360, and for good reason; some of my best gaming memories are on those games. Reliving the days of years past made me think: Is there something out there that replicates that feeling? The traditional core aspects of Call of Duty, having boots on the ground, fast-paced but so fun to play, thrilling sniper shots, insane kill-feeds? I wasn’t sure that such game still existed in today’s current gaming climate of Battle Royale here and Battle Royale there. That’s why when I found out about Ironsight I was legitimately excited to go back and maybe relive some of those memories. I researched around and found LateNightGaming’s video on covering current free to play shooters in 2018 and he suggests that Ironsight isn’t attempting to copy Call of Duty – it is the new Call of Duty, and to be honest, I 100% agree.

Ironsight is a free to play shooter that is currently only available for download via their website (PC only at the moment) that is set in the year of 2025; a Post-Apocalyptic world, in which two factions fight for control of Earth’s last resources. Now, as a gamer, I know that your first thought/doubt about this game is the fact that it is free to play and sort of aiming for that COD feel; but let me tell you now that there is absolutely no paywall in this game. All weapons, attachments and other items in-game can be bought with either a) in-game earnt currency or b) AP (Ironsight’s Premium currency). Allow me to say that with the AP, you can buy some cool weapon skins, but nothing that will give you a competitive advantage over other players (additionally, earning the in-game currency doesn’t take days of grinding, you can earn probably 4-5 new guns in 2 days play time depending on how well you perform etc.)

The game is currently in Beta, however, in my honest opinion, the amount of glitches/errors you run in to is close to none. The graphics in-game are crisp and clean, really replicating that Call of Duty feeling that I came into the game expecting. The sound design is well done, not too loud, not horrible in quality, and just flows well overall. Gunshots are extremely well done, and especially the satisfying sound of hitmarkers when spraying or the kill sound when you obviously kill someone. There are 8 maps in total at the moment, while that may seem small, again the game is in Beta, and many more will be added in the future/upon release. Map design is fluid and flows well and feels just like some of the original COD maps, such as Terminal from MW2 or Cargo from BO2.

Ok now that the “boring” part of the article is out of the way, I’ll expand on just my opinion, general thoughts, etc of the game.

To me, Ironsight feels like the next COD, but I feel wrong in saying that. Call of Duty has stranded further and further from what we as a collective community wants, however in Ironsight, the complete opposite is true. The Ironsight forums always have activities and events for players to enter in, and at the time of writing this article, there is currently a competition where players can create their own knife design and have that design put in the game if they win. This close connection to a community creates a feeling of welcomeness and makes you feel happy to support such a great development/ community-related team. Suggestions from the community are always listened to, rather than just doing what looks good on paper, and I have to say that I haven’t seen this kind of developer to consumer connection in a long time, and I think that we can give props to the community management team of Ironsight for that.

The game’s weapons aren’t anything extreme, and there is certainly no jumping off walls, flying through the universe, ya know, none of the “great” features of newer games. Personally, Ironsight teleports me all the way back into the great days of the 360, staying up late, making sure mum or dad wouldn’t roast me, but eventually getting caught because of how much fun I was having. Now while the mum and dad part isn’t true anymore, the amount of fun that I have had so far playing Ironsight has been a great experience. I have honestly had trouble putting the game down to write this review, as it’s just so addictive.

The game does, however, have some flaws that could be ironed out and I assume they will be within the coming updates.

The two main flaws I have with Ironsight at this current point in time is: NETCODE AND THE LACK OF OCEANIA SERVERS! Don’t get me wrong, I have really loved Ironsight, but the lack of Oceania servers or even an Asian server really hurts, as the game is currently only hosting servers in North America and Europe. The lag/ping we OCE players often experience is 200-300, and it really degrades our quality of the game. Although, in defence of Ironsight, when Freelancer and I tweeted at them questioning the current server situation they had this to say in response to us:

“There are no confirmed plan to add additional servers yet. Please stay tuned until we have more information to share on that topic.” “We are of course thinking of adding more servers in the near future. But for now there is no news about when and which region will be getting servers.”

The netcode however, as far as I can tell is being worked on, as the community is preaching for it to be changed, and rightfully so as getting shot around corners is quite annoying BUT in saying that, I personally can’t gauge how good or bad the netcode is as the lack of OCE servers would make us lag either way, so I won’t be trying to review something I don’t know about/have first-hand knowledge of.

So, admittedly, we are sort of just nit-picking with this one as they have given us a fair reason, so until we do get those servers, we’ll have to just continue to #OCEPlease. Although there were other small flaws in-game, they weren’t to an extent that warrants it to be expanded on in a review as they were usually one-off bugs or other beta issues that obviously will be ironed out.


Overall, Ironsight has to be one of the best shooters on the market at the moment. Notice how I didn’t include Free to Play in that? Because I think that it is comparable with such titles as COD:WW2 or other popular shooters at the moment. With continued development, community support and the growing e-Sports scene surrounding the game, Ironsight is set up to develop into what could be one of the most fun, action-packed, mouse clutching, intense games we have seen in a while. I have nothing but praise for the game and more importantly, the development and community team, as so far they have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. I highly suggest Ironsight as your next game pickup, you really can’t go wrong, it is free, fun and extremely addictive.


Graphics: 7.5/10

Sound and Map Design: 7.5/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Community Relations (incl. events, frequency of updates): 10/10

Networking: 5/10



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